Best places to smoke weed in Tribeca NYC

Tribeca, a trendy neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, is not only a cultural hotspot but also a relaxing retreat for cannabis enthusiasts. With its picturesque streets, historic architecture, and waterfront views, it offers a variety of spots where you can enjoy a peaceful smoke. Whether you’re a local or visiting, here are some of the best places to smoke weed while exploring Tribeca.

Tribeca Park

Nestled in the heart of Tribeca, Tribeca Park provides a quaint urban oasis ideal for those looking to relax with a joint. Its well-maintained lawn, surrounded by old-world architecture, offers a serene environment. The park’s benches or secluded spots are perfect for enjoying your cannabis discreetly while taking in the bustling city life from a comfortable distance. Our Tribeca Weed Delivery service can get you everything you need during your trip.

Pier 26

For those who prefer waterfront views, Pier 26 is an excellent choice. This recently renovated pier features ample space for strolling, sitting, or just enjoying the Hudson River’s panoramic views. Light up and watch as the sunset paints the sky, but remember to keep a low profile and respect other visitors who might not share your enthusiasm for cannabis.

Hudson River Park

Stretching along the western edge of Tribeca, Hudson River Park offers more than just a single spot to enjoy your cannabis. This sprawling park has numerous benches, hidden corners, and grassy areas where you can smoke while enjoying the sights and sounds of the river. It’s particularly lovely during the evening when the area is quieter, and the city lights begin to sparkle across the water.

The High Line

Just a short walk from Tribeca, The High Line is an elevated park built on a historic freight rail line. While it’s not in Tribeca proper, its close proximity makes it a popular spot for Tribeca residents and visitors alike. Enjoy a pre-rolled joint as you walk through gardens, view public art, and take in the stunning urban landscape. Keep in mind that discretion is key, as The High Line can be quite crowded.

Private Rooftop Gardens

For a more private experience, some buildings in Tribeca offer rooftop gardens accessible to residents and, occasionally, their guests. These secluded spots are perfect for those who prefer a quiet smoke with a view. The rooftops often offer a spectacular view of Manhattan’s skyline, providing a stunning backdrop for a relaxing evening.


Tribeca offers a blend of tranquil spots and scenic views making it a delightful neighborhood to enjoy cannabis. Always remember to consume responsibly, respecting both local laws and the community. Each of these locations provides a unique setting to enhance your experience, whether you seek the solitude of a park or the dynamic vistas along the river. So, light up, unwind, and enjoy the unique charm of Tribeca.



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