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1. One Brand, One Day:
Each brand can only book one day per week across all store locations to ensure fair opportunities for all brands.

2. No Back-to-Back Bookings:
Brands cannot book consecutive days at the same store location to prevent monopolizing customer attention and allow others a chance to participate.

3. Weekly Limit per Store:
Brands can book at most one day per week at each store location. This ensures that no single brand dominates a particular location’s promotion schedule.

4. First-Come, First-Served:
Booking slots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis to give all brands an equal chance to secure their desired dates.

5. Fair Rotation:
Implement a rotating system where brands take turns in choosing their preferred dates, ensuring that each brand gets a fair opportunity to select their promotional day.

6. Advance Booking Limit:
Brands can only book promotional days up to 30 days in advance to avoid excessive early bookings and allow flexibility for newer brands.

7. Penalties for Violations:
Enforce penalties, such as temporary suspension from booking, for brands that attempt to cheat the system or violate the rules.

8. Calendar Transparency:
Make the calendar visible to all participating brands, so they can see each other’s booked days and avoid unintentional clashes.

9. Minimum Notice Period:
Brands must provide a minimum notice period, e.g., 30 days, before canceling or rescheduling their promotional day to avoid last-minute disruptions.

10. Clear Communication:
Maintain open communication with brands and regularly remind them of the rules and guidelines to ensure everyone is on the same page.

11. All booths need a representative at all times. Bathroom and lunch breaks are fine, but leaving your booth unattended is prohibited.

12. Being under the influence while working your brand booth is prohibited.

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