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Message to Empire Cannabis Club Members

Cannabis is on the ballot next week...

No, you didn’t miss news of a referendum. But you may have missed just how critical the coming election is to the future of the cannabis market in New York State.

The revolutionary Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act—the MRTA—allows the Empire Cannabis Clubs to exist and operate in providing services to you in the State of New York. Empire Cannabis Clubs is a Non-Charitable Not-for-Profit Cannabis Dispensary incorporated in the State of New York. It is, at its core, a private club established for the benefit of its members.
Besides serving its members, Empire provides a service for the State of New York. Since Empire began operations in September 2021, it has collected and paid millions of dollars in State taxes and has employed hundreds of people in the community. All of this couldn’t have been accomplished without YOU!

We at Empire Cannabis Clubs are discussing strategies to continue to serve the community and we need you, our members, to demonstrate the power of the Empire community. If we unite, they will hear our community’s voice!

Back in April 2022, the Office of Cannabis Management issued marijuana cultivation licenses to people: “farmers” in the hemp growing business. The intent was to allow existing hemp operators to get a head start on growing marijuana to meet the demand for the forthcoming cannabis industry. But there is one problem. They have failed to issue licenses for distributors to dispense this new crop of cannabis to the public.

This year’s cannabis crop had to be harvested at the end of the summer. In addition, the harvested cannabis crop will spoil if not processed for its intended use for the consumers. As a result, the hemp farmers will now incur significant monetary losses with a crop, which will spoil. But we at Empire have a solution!

Why not have Empire distribute this year’s cannabis crop? This will not only save the hemp farmers who cultivated, and currently possess, a product from sustaining a monetary loss, it will benefit the entire State of New York through the collection of taxes. These farmers relied on the Office of Cannabis Management and grew a product with their full endorsement and that of the legislature of New York State. The Office of Cannabis Management will have no choice but to compensate these growers from sustaining a loss. But this loss can be totally avoided.

To accomplish this, we need you! We can unite and appeal to members of our legislature to pressure the Office of Cannabis Management to allow Empire to distribute this year’s cannabis crop. There are two ways important ways you can help.

One is to sign this petition.

The other is to vote.

Demonstrating to our legislators that we vote will remind them of the importance of listening to our collective voice. That’s why we are endorsing:

Kathy Hochul for Governor,
Antonio Delgado for Lieutenant Governor, and
Letita James for Attorney General.

Governor Hochul’s fantastic assistance to the cannabidiol farming industry was a tremendous idea to assist New Yorkers in need, and it is evidence of her support of our community. We believe that these candidates will support both Empire and you, as their constituents, in implementing this idea. We urge all of you to vote on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

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