Access perks and rewards exclusive to monthly members.


Empire members have multiple benefits and perks. We pride ourselves on giving the best concierge service to members. A monthly membership is $35 per month. If you choose to forgo the monthly membership you must pay the daily pass for in-store purchases at $15 per day. 

Benefits of membership include:

  • Access to private members only events in NYC hosted by empire cannabis clubs.

  • Free product at the events hosted by empire cannabis clubs.

  • Access to online ordering for pick up and delivery.

  • Access to Wallet fund program that allows you to order for pick up / delivery.

  • Skip the wait membership area where a budtender will immediately guide you throughout the store to browse


Note For Monthly Members

If you currently have a membership that is close to expiring you can extend your monthly membership in two ways:

  • You can visit in-store to pay for another month(s).
  • You can call our storefront and ask to add another month to your membership. Please call (917) 261-6577. You will be able to use a debit or credit card to renew your membership.

Futhermore, to check your membership status and expiry date, please visit your my account tab.

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