To Order Delivery You must meet two requirments

  • You MUST HAVE an active monthly membership.
  • You MUST HAVE Empire Wallet Funds to order a delivery.
Please Note: Our delivery website is member-sensitive, meaning if you do not have a monthly membership you will not be able to access it. 

How To Purchase a Monthly Membership In-Store

  1. Walk into the store and a rep will help you at our membership department. 
  2. You will have to complete an agreement form and credit card authorization form (only if you choose to setup reoccuring billing). Please note: Monlthy Members who have recoccuring billing get free rewards at the end of every month! Sometime rewards can even be up to a FREE OUNCE!
  3. Once you are setup at our membership dept. you can decide whether you want to pay with cash or card. If you choose a debit/credit card you will complete your order in our concierge website, and you shop shortly after. If you choose cash you will skip our membership website and you can pay for your membership with one of our cashiers during checkout. Please Note: All new memberships are processed overnight. You  will not be able to order delivery the same-day you buy a monthly membership.
  4. Once approved overnight, you will receive an email that your membership is active. 
  5. You can access our delivery website and shop, so long as you have Empire Wallet Funds!

How To Purchase a Monthly Membership online

  1. Start by completing our membership agreement form HERE.
  2. The information entered in our agreement form will be used to automatically generate an account in our membership website and to all of our Empire Cannabis Club stores. You will receive temporary login credentials for both sites via sms and email.
  3. Complete the credit card authorization form.
  4. Once completed, you will be redirected to our Empire Concierge website where you can add the membership to cart and checkout easily with reocurring monthly billing. If you are a veteran or senior, please call us at (917) 983-2841 and we can send a custom link with $10 OFF our monthly membership.
  5. Once the membership is paid for we will process the membership overnight. Once processed you will receive an email that your membership has been approved. You can use your temporary login credentials (If you did not previously have an account. If you did you will use the same credentials) and browse our menu.

Please Note: You must add empire wallet funds before you can place your delivery order! 

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