How To

Order In-store pick-up

To Order Delivery FOR in-store pick-up you must meet only one requirement:

  • You MUST have an active membership. If you do not, please sign up for a monthly membership for $35 or a 24-hour daily membership for $15. For information on how to sign up for a membership click here.

Step 1:
Create An Account on Our Site or checkout as a guest

Members that create an online account will earn points upon checkout that can be used at the end of each month for FREE CANNABIS REWARDS

Step 2:

We carry hundreds of different cannabis products online for you to choose from. Available quantities and pricing will be shown in real time.

Step 3:
Add Items to your cart

Once you add items to your cart your checkout page will immediately pop-up. You can either continue to shop or select “checkout” to proceed.

Step 4:
Select payment method

Pick-up orders can only pay in-store via three options:

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Empire Wallet Funds (Coming Soon) 

Upon pick-up you will be instructed to pay for your items. If you do not have an active membership a representative will charge you an additional $15 upon pick up for a daily pass or $35 for a monthly pass.


Note: You can only order items for each invidual location. Please select the right location when adding your items.

Step 5:
Complete ORder

Once you complete your order we will process your order for pick-up. Please give us at least 30-45 to handle your order.

Step 6:
Pick-up and enjoy!

Thank you for shopping at Empire Cannabis Clubs

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