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Meet White Boy Kev: The Streetwise Cannabis Cultivator of Washington Heights

In the bustling urban landscape of Washington Heights, New York, a local legend emerged from the shadows of a neighborhood marked by change. Kevin, popularly known as White Boy Kev, isn’t just any resident — he’s a pivotal figure in the area’s cannabis culture, celebrated for his expertise in growing the illustrious Cuban Black Haze. His journey, marked by resilience and adaptation, showcases a deep connection to his community and a pioneering spirit in urban cultivation.

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Early Days in a Transforming Neighborhood

Born and raised in a predominantly Dominican neighborhood, Kevin’s roots in Washington Heights run deep. Despite the shifting demographics from Irish and Jewish to Dominican, Kevin’s family chose to stay, making him a standout figure — the sole Irish kid among his peers. This unique position earned him the nickname “White Boy Kev,” a moniker that spoke to his distinct identity in a diverse community.

The Turbulent ’90s: Building a Cannabis Empire

The 1990s in Washington Heights were nothing short of turbulent. The neighborhood, then known as a high-class ghetto, was vibrant yet volatile, with Kevin beginning to sell weed around 1991. By 1993, he had become a prominent figure in the local cannabis scene, especially with the introduction of Haze strains that quickly took over the market.

Kevin’s life during this era was a tapestry of highs and lows. Amidst the backdrop of rampant drug-related violence — the neighborhood was once dubbed the murder capital of the world — Kevin carved out a space for himself as a respected cannabis dealer. His operation wasn’t just limited to the streets; he also ventured into the nightlife business, creating an iconic spot known as the Marina. This venue, run by him and his brother, became a cultural hub, featuring performances from Dominican stars and drawing massive crowds.

Legal Challenges and Personal Tribulations

Despite his successes, Kevin’s path was fraught with legal and personal challenges. His transition away from street dealing to legitimate business was disrupted when he came under federal investigation. The situation escalated when his brother, who had never sold drugs, was wrongfully imprisoned as a kingpin. This event marked a pivotal moment for Kevin, steering him away from the dangers of street-level operations to focus more on cultivation and education.

A Cultivator’s Evolution: Embracing the Craft

Over the years, Kevin refined his cultivation skills, focusing on growing high-quality cannabis while staying under the radar. His connection to his gardens became a source of peace and fulfillment, distancing him from his tumultuous past. Kevin’s expertise in growing the Cuban Black Haze not only solidifies his status as a top-tier cultivator but also as a survivor of an era where many did not make it.

Advocacy and Future Aspirations

Today, as cannabis legislation evolves, Kevin stands at a crossroads. He advocates for fair treatment of legacy growers like himself in the legal market, pushing for micro licenses that would allow small operators to thrive without succumbing to corporate takeovers. His story is one of resilience, community, and hope — a testament to the transformative power of cannabis not just as a product, but as a lifestyle.


White Boy Kev’s life story is more than just a tale of cannabis cultivation; it’s a narrative of urban survival, community leadership, and passionate advocacy for the rights of growers. His legacy in Washington Heights and his dedication to high-quality cannabis continue to inspire both old and new generations navigating the complexities of a legalizing market. His contributions go beyond cultivation — they’re about preserving a culture, a neighborhood, and a way of life against the odds.



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White Boy Kev - Cuban Black Haze
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