The rumors are true…

We’re really giving back over 100lbs of flower to our monthly members.

And sure, you might be asking yourself “but how does that even make sense?”.

Well, the Empire Cannabis Clubs model is pretty simple.

Each month, our monthly members are added to our rewards program where they are given free products based on the amount of members inside of our club. It’s that simple.

How To Claim Your Rewards

Claim Your Product Below

Fill out the form listed on this page to lock in your spot and claim your free item.

Check Your Inbox

We have thousands of members so in order for this to run as smoothly, we're doing this giveaway in waves of members. Keep an eye out for an invite when you are chosen via e-mail or SMS.

Visit Our Select Retail Location

We'll let you know which location your product will be available at. Due to inventory management issues, you can't just come in whenever and pick up some weed. Although that would be pretty convenient, we need to remail compliant with the state...

Process Your Order

Once you enter our store to claim your product, a cashier will ask you for your checkout details. Once your membership receipt is verified, your product will be given to you!

Let Your Friends & Family Know

The more monthly members that we have inside of our club, the more product we can giveback to members just like you! So don't worry about keeping this a secret. Cannabis is one of those things that is meant to be shared. So tell a friend!

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